I3 540 or phenom II x4 955

I am not a gamer really but would like a good computer. I really am confused as to which i should buy because they are both in the same price braket and a lot of people say it is better to get intel.
Please help,
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  1. the x4 955 is way better than an i3 540, but if you do not game or convert vids, you can use the 540 to give a polar bear a few xtra milliseconds on his melting iceberg, that's why i got mine, but the i3 is supposed to be about $40 less than the 955, but the i3 can more than hold its own performance wise, i convert vids regularly, and i am quite pleased
  2. whats wrong with me, why dont you just go for a athlon ii x3? it would be cheaper all round than the intel build
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