Asus xonar d2x/xdt 7.1 vs ASUS P7H57D-V EVO internal audio card

just asking a dump question if my asus xonar d2x has any flaws compared to my motherboards internal audio card.
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  1. A quality discrete soundcard such as your Asus is always going to sound better then a cheap onboard chip.
    Set it up and let your ears decide for you.
  2. Not really; you basically have on the of the better all around cards on the market, and more extra features then any onboard device could ever offer. .
  3. Nope, it doesn't. It'll beat any onboard sound chip including the one you presently have. No flaws known unless it's a defective piece of hardware :)
  4. Well, the DX and D2X DO have known compatability problems with nforce motherboards due to the PCI->PCIE bridge chip used [hence, why my 790i features the D2 and not the D2X].

    Aside from that, no major problems known.
  5. why does it say ultra fidelity for D2 but not for D2x?? specs are layed out diff too.. :S confusing.
  6. yes thats a good question
  7. Well, here an article regarding the differences of the two cards....

    That's very informative
    And actually I'm getting them both under Ultra High Fidelity....

    Well here are two more conclusions about these not so different cards, you can actually call them first and second generation actually....
  8. Its important to note that the entire ASUS line has added EAX5.0 emulation via their drivers, something that wasn't avaliable yet at the time most of the cards reviews were written, which is a major plus.

    I prefer the D2 mainly because:
    1: Less chance of incompatability (No floppy power connector, no PCI->PCI-E bridge chip)
    2: Sererate Optical input, Optical output, line input, and line output ports (VERY few offerings have all 4 of these as seperate ports).

    VERY simmilar either way though. The only issue I have with the card is its not in a particular good price, with the D1/DX/Striker almost as good for a cheaper price...
  9. which is better in terms based purely on the sound and its sound quality.

    the best of the auzentech or teh D2x?
  10. Very difficult choice but I'd go for the D2X :)
    It has better driver support and the sound quality for music is better.
  11. thanks
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