Sapphire 5970 Toxic 4GB possible freezing problem?

I recently purchased Sapphire HD 5970 Toxic 4GB, which is a monster card if you ask me. But ever since i put it in, i am experiencing freezing of my computer, being unresponsive, without any restart, it just hangs like that. It is not happening all the time, just sometimes when i play. I think that this is caused by my CPU, which is not overclocked, causing some instability. Here is a picture i took right after freeze and restarted pc :

My PC rig:

Motherboard: EVGA X58 Classified 4-Way SLi

CPU:Core i7 950 @ 3.2 GHz

GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 5970 Toxic 4GB @ 900/1200

RAM: 6GB G.Skill Perfect Storm 8-8-8-21 Tripple Channel

PSU: Enermax Revolution 1,2 KW

So if anyone know whats the problem, please help me. Thank you.

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  1. Hey bro im not expert at all but here's my 2cents
    -Did you do a clean install of your gpu
    -Very important to uninstall all old drivers before installing new ones.
    -lastly try downloading latest drivers for your gpu.
    Hope you resolve your problem soon.
  2. thank you for quick reply..
    -Yes Clean install, Driver Sweeper Used
    -Latest Catalyst installed, fresh from web

    Man, its always something w/ hardware that I buy
  3. Missed out something earlier.. Did you check if all 3 fans on your gpu are working?
  4. I would guess that one of the 2 GPU's has kicked the bucket. I would RMA it.
  5. To clear things up..
    -That thing on a picture only lasted while boot up, when log on screen popped up, everything was fine again
    -Every fan is spinning, tested w/ 3d mark Vantage, temperatures are very good (50 on both cores, 69-71 on VRMs) so i dont think, that some GPU "has kicked the bucket"
  6. Why do even need such a card? 4gb lol that's a beast alright haha, thing with these 2in1 cards they always have problems and always hav driver problems.

    If you think the temps are fine and the drivers installed proply, try resitting the card, since it's a 2in1 there very sensitive and if one prong is not touching it won't work proply.

    This is why CF is much better setting up keepin for a long time and better performance.

    If it doesn't work proply after resitting it rma it
  7. There are things which I need, and things which I want, and this card is one of them.
    -I installed it on Last Friday, it cannot be broken already.
  8. oh ok, I thought that funky stuff in the image you linked to was happening all the time...

    well you could have received a defective card (even if it is brand new)
  9. Rustyy117 said:
    oh ok, I thought that funky stuff in the image you linked to was happening all the time...

    well you could have received a defective card (even if it is brand new)

    That may be true...Well need to do some further investigating, so if someone encountered this already and solved the problem somehow, let me know.
  10. Is this the first time you have built a pc btw?
  11. weehamish said:
    Is this the first time you have built a pc btw?

    No.. Why are you asking?
  12. Just making sure everythings plugged in alright lol, have you tried resitting it yet?
  13. I will figure out nothing when i re-seat the card. That error is not happening all the time, it was first time i saw that thing. I still think that its my CPU that is causing this. Because Powercolor 5970 2GB runs no problem, and it is less powerfull card, plus it is not overclocked. Ill get my watercooling up and running as fast as I can, overclock that little piece of s***t, and see if that makes any difference. If not, then its RMA. Also, can low operating memory frequency/capacity causing this?
  14. The CPU wont cause your card to break :\ It will bottleneck it but not cause it to glitch like that, its the card not the CPU i dunno how you figured that out.
  15. Or maybe its fault Memory..
  16. Im talking about Freezing of my computer. that glitch is just the outcome after restart. I need to solve freezing problem, while Im gaming(have not experienced it anywhere else)
  17. Problem solved.. credit to omgitzfatal for his "has kicked the bucket" phrase, indeed you were right :( so its another broken Ati for me.. damn...
  18. Glad to hear its solved... Hope your next card works out better :)

    At least you can RMA the card and either get a replacement or a refund.
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