Triple channel, and 2 2gb chips in an Asus x58 sabertooth

I'm planning on purchasing an Asus x58 Sabertooth mobo and with it 12gb of corsair vengence 1600mhz ram(triple channel). I currently own a 2x2gb set of 1333mhz ram(duel channel), and i was wondering if you could just add the two 2gb chips along side the triple channel set, and run them at the correct speed of 1333mhz and in a single channel array (because the board is designed for triple channel ram, and obviously a 2x2gb set isn't triple channel)
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  1. You have two choices:

    1. Set the RAM to 1333 in the BIOS and run all of it at that speed.
    2. Try setting the RAM to 1600 in the BIOS to see if the extra RAM can handle that speed. If it can, great. If not, then Option 1 it is.
  2. I'm not quite sure, but if you add two sticks to what I'm assuming is 3x4GB, wouldn't it no longer be triple channel (which would have more of a negative impact than the extra RAM)?
    Also, if this is for a new build (you mentioned planning to purchase the mobo), what specifically are you going to use it for? X58 is likely not the best choice.
  3. yeah, this is all for a new build, but I thought maybe i could use some of my parts from an older rig. It's mostly for intense gaming and some video editing/rendering,
    and i was just wondering if you could have a set in a triple channel array(the 3x4gb) and then just add the other modules each as its own single channel stick, or if the motherboard wouldn't accept RAM in a single channel setting, so there would be 12gb 1600mhz in a triple channel setting, and 4gb 1333mhz running 2 single channels. Meaning there would be a total of 16gb of memory.
    If it doesn't work, it's not the end of the world, I think 12gb is going to be more than enough to take care of what I am going to do,

    thanks for the replies,
  4. Guys asking my query here other than creating a new thread. I recently added a 2*2 GB RAM kit with my 2*2 GB of before on my X58 Sabertooth. So there are total of 8 GB RAM (2x4 GB) occupying four slots. Now I've been told by a friend of mine that I am not running on Triple channel? Is that correct? Should I remove a stick to make it Triple channel and have some performance boost? I am so confused. Here is a CPU-Z screen, it's showing Triple channel however!
  5. Basically what you have is three 2GB sticks running in triple-channel and one 2GB stick running in single-channel. That's the way X58 boards handle four RAM sticks.
  6. Thanks for the reply. So will there be any performance improvement if I remove that single 2GB stick which is running in single channel?
  7. A couple of percentage points maybe, but only when those extra 2GB of RAM are accessed. Nothing noticeable.

    Having said that, I would remove the extra stick. I'm weird like that.
  8. Hmmm...thanks. I don't know what should I do !! Confused ...
  9. What should you do? Test to see whether you actually use the extra 2GB or not.

    Run your system for a week with all four sticks installed. Get a feel for how the system performs in your normal everyday applications/games. Then remove one stick and run your system normally for another week.

    Whichever configuration "feels" faster is the one you should stick with.
  10. Well a week is long enough, in the mean time I did some FPS test by playing BFBC 2 for 10 mins and here are the results,

    With 8GB RAM- Avg: 80.759, Min: 40, Max: 149
    With 6GB RAM- Avg: 83.872, Min: 61, Max: 157.

    Right now I am with 6GB, the 2GB is on my table and I am looking at it and thinking..... :o

    Did some more tests, one time 8 GB gives higher result, then again 6 GB gives it, more or less they are same. I am sticking with 8 GB.
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