Best card under 160$

hi guy

i m looking forward to upgrade from my 8800gt and i want a directx 11 compatible graphic card the budget is 160$ :D please tell me a best graphic card under my price range it can be nvidia as well ati

will i be seeing a major difference by switching to directx 11 if not then just tell any directx 10 gpu again nvidia or ati dosent matters

i cant do crossfire but can do sli i have xfx 750i and q8400 4 gb hyper x
windows 7 64-bit

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  1. Well for $160 you wont get good frames with a DX11 card lol or even a DX10 haha its a pretty low budget, what resolution do you use?
  2. 1280x1024

    high quality
  3. If you save a bit more get a 5770 it should run all your games at max with that resolution an it's dx 11
  4. if 5770 could do it all i m lucky them i m getting one in cheap but on the other hand i m also getting on 9800gx2

    are they comparable performance wise and switching to directx 11 is it really worth it
  5. I had a 9800gx2 and some games are horrible with it when others are good I think your best off with a 5770 dnt buy a gx2, it will out perform the 5770 on some games though but also needs a bigger psu
  6. well i have 500 watt psu as a matter of fact i have a larger one too 600 watt
    power is not really an issue to me right now
    the problem is GPU
    i want to play crysis warhead and crysis 2 (upcomming) on max or little bit lower
    it should look good
  7. Get this card :

    You can overclock it later if needed for an extra boost in performance.

    The GX2 is more powerfull but it also pulls alot more juice, runs alot warmer than the 5770 and does not have DX11.
  8. Well the gx2 playe crysis ok but I had alot of problems that was when the gx2 was new I dunno what the drivers are like now, I still recommend the 5770 over it
  9. thank u very much for guid

    i m going with 5770

  10. Dnt get that asus card i'd read alot of bad reports about it pay the few $ extra for a better brand
  11. i will be going with SAPPHIRE or XFX are these manufactures good
  12. I have the Asus CuCore running in my Office PC, no problems whatsoever since MAY of this year. The Cucore has voltage adjustment just like the MSI Hawk, XFX nor Sapphire have this option. Just a heads up =)
  13. since the SAPPHIRE is the one available in place :sol:
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