Where to post for advice on upgrading 2 year old system?

Hello,I'm way out of latest gear knowledge. I've got some desktop systems I'd like to replace but not sure what to look for in $200-$300 range (media/3D/web).
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  1. Well what are your current specs, what do you use it for, and what part of its performance is lacking that is making you feel the need to upgrade it?

    For $300 you cant do a whole new right but you can probably do a decent upgrade to your existing system.
  2. First, thanks for any advice!!!
    Well. I'm way out of touch with new systems, but I mostly need to part/replace/sell. I only need one good home server, a Rendering system (no monitor usually, so GPU isn't critical) and I'd like one media/game desktop, for those random times I might have time to try out a new FPS that won't play on my older (gf7950gtx) laptop GPU's at playable frames...

    I'm not sure what to keep or sell, or sell it all and get some new Phenom rig or i5/i7 thing.
    Biggest issues is SILENCE (I need quiet systems!!!) and HEAT- I prefer cooler as we don't have much AC in the summers here!!! (so those ATI 4750's are no go).
    Thanks for any advice!

    System #1
    ISSUES: Need PSU!
    USE: Workhorse. Rendering
    OS: CrunchBang/Debian + WinXPpro
    Mobo: GA-EP45-UD3P
    CPU: Q6600
    HSF: Hyper 212+ HSF
    RAM: 4gb Corsair 800
    PSU: =??? <-----------------------------------------------------------------
    GPU: Gf 8600 GT silent
    HD: 500gb 7.2k
    Extras: Possibly 4-5 other HD's and some 120mm fans. Possibly home server if the older systems go bye bye

    ISSUES: Need CPU, PSU and GPU's possibly-or sell the what I have for something light but quick for games?
    USE: 3D content creation, FPS gaming and testing, light rendering
    OS:DB = WinXPpro & Unbuntu derivitive
    Mobo: GA-P31-S3G
    CPU: E...? 2200-6400+ (need VT possibly, will OC) <<<-----------------------------------------------------
    HSF: Scythe Mugen 2 RevB HSF
    RAM: 2-4gb Corsair 800?
    PSU: Antec TRUE 550w EPS12 (like 5+ years old)
    GPU: ??? <------------------------------------------------------------------------
    HD: 500gb whatever 7.2k
    Extras:Rarely turn this one one. Might use it for gaming or music making. Prefer as silent as possible. It won't be on much.

    USE: Home Server
    OS:DB = WinXPpro+CrunchBang
    Mobo: SuperMicro 370DLE
    CPU:2x PIIIeb 1.0gHz's
    HSF: Custom 120mm rig
    RAM:4gb pc-133 ECC
    GPU: Matrox II PCI
    PSU: huh?Something there that still works
    HD: 5-or-6 IDE things, almost 2TB of space.
    Extras: Some PCI cards.. it's all kinda slow now...

    USE: Old single core AMD non-used
    OS:DB = WinXPpro + CrunchBang
    Mobo: Epox ep-8K9A3+
    CPU: Barton 333-400fsb thing- 2.4ghz?
    HSF: Custom 120mm rig
    RAM:2-3gb 400
    GPU: Radeon 9800 pro
    PSU: huh?Something there that still works
    HD: something that works (80gb 7.2k?)
    Extras: I'm only keeping it because the motherboard was really cool once. I turn it on 6 times a year now.

    USE: Older Gaming Rig
    OS: WinXPpro
    Mobo: DFI LP Nf4 SLi
    CPU: Opteron 165? Non-OC'd
    HSF: Tuniq Tower 120 w PWM
    RAM: 2gb 400 (!)
    GPU: Pulled out
    PSU: Something loud @ 550wbut works
    HD: 80gb SATA
    Extras:Had this one sitting around for AGES waiting to get an Opty for it. Put it together 2months ago and discovered my 2 year oldlaptops were faster at gaming and shelved it- it's had about 2 hours of being turned on.
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