Computer randomly freezes/reboots and sometimes hangs.

Well to start here are my specs:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.5GHz (This is new)
RAM: 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (This is new)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 (This is old)
PSU: 650 Watts(This is old)
Mobo: ASRock P45X3 Deluxe (This is new)

My explanation of whats been happening is that as I play anything graphics intensive the computer will freeze/reboot or start to hang and skip. I will load up WoW, res set to 1920x1080 with max graphics and I will be able to sit in the middle of nowhere perfectly fine sometimes without freezes, but as soon as I start playing instances it will freeze or go black and reboot. I have checked my CPU and graphics card temperature throughout playing with CPUID and they all maintain a temperature that is under the operating max.

I have also figured out that when I reduce my resolution for WoW to 1366x768 and the graphics as low as they will go I will experience very unique hangs where as the images will tend to repeat multiple times and the sound will loop multiple times, this makes my computer unusable during that period of time. These hangs usually last for about 20-60 seconds, one time for 3 minutes.

I have also tried running Alien Swarm as a test, it was in a window at a rather low res (I think 1200x900 something). But with the graphics turned on max, it caused my computer to freeze. (I was also monitoring the temperatures of my CPU and graphics at that time and they were fine.

I have ruled out that there is no overheating, I have not fully ruled out that RAM may be an issue, but it seems to me that the motherboard I have is experiencing issues.

If there are any ideas that might help me narrow it down to which part of my computer is failing that would be great.
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    Random reboots typically are psu not giving enough power to mobo, graphics, etc. Borrow or get another psu and see if issues go away.
  2. Well it looks like I won't be testing a new PSU, the motherboard has stopped booting. Half the timr it boots to a black screen and nothing more and the other half it will not load my OS. I am going to exchange my motherboard.
  3. Odds are good that wasn't your problem, as Orac said. Most likely is psu, follow by video card. But maybe you'll get lucky :)
  4. Okay, well my account got deleted somehow since I never received a stupid confirmation. But I've got a new motherboard and I've hooked this up correctly and when I start to power on it will shut off a few seconds later and then it will turn back on a few seconds later, following this loop for as long as i leave it on. What are the chances that it is my motherboard?
  5. The chances were low when we started, and since you have tried a second mobo now they are virtually nil. Unless you failed to connect the 24 and 8 pin connectors correctly, or shorted out the mobo. You could try pulling the mobo out, putting it on a non-conductive surface, and booting it up.

    But as we said before, the problem is most likely your unnamed (old) 650W psu.
  6. Check your RAM, it's known to be picky sometimes. Take all but one stick out to test.
  7. I know the RAM is perfectly fine, did some tests when I first got my computer. But I'm going to try a new PSU before I send back the motherboard.

    Is there a possibilty that the motherboard would error from not having enough power?
  8. Yes, that's why we have repeatedly mentioned it. FYI, psu replacement resolves more problems here than replacing any other single part.

    But BTW, saying you once tested your memory a while ago, and not mentioning how, doesn't reassure us that your memory is good today.
  9. a. psus fail its the most likely thing here
    b. ram is the most likely component to be doa or to not work right when brand new
  10. Replaced the PSU, problems solved now. Should I settle at a 650W PSU for $120 or should I get one cheaper or expensiver?
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  12. what 650w psu?
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