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Firstly, I'd like to apologize for putting this in the Homebuilt forum. Sorry, guys... the Peripherals page just doesn't get as much action as this. ;)

Anyway, parts from the good old Dell Dimension E510 have slowly been biting the dust ever since the motherboard went and I built my new system. First it was the HDD (which somehow came back to life since then and is now happily humming along in my RAID array), then the monitor, now the keyboard.
What I'm looking for today is something to replace the bulk POS that Dell gives you with all of their big-box PCs. I'm surprised it lasted this long, but what I'm looking for now is an ultra-thin (almost notebook-like), back-lit/illuminated, full sized keyboard.

Actually, this here is EXACTLY what I'm looking for:
Only I'd prefer blue or red instead of white lighting. Picky me. :??:
The only problem I have with that particular keyboard is that it's $80 new. Heck, for that much, I could go out and buy an H50 cooler or for $50 more a nice Lian-Li case or a second 5770. :heink:

My question is whether or not anyone can recommend a keyboard similar to that, only for around $20-50 instead of $80, and maybe with some blue/red back-lighting.

Much appreciated,
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  1. Nope. It's personal preference but to me laptop-like keyboards are the worst. I'm using an old mechanical one and it's pretty awesome. At some point I'll eventually get one of the new model M keyboards by Unicomp. The originals have lasted close to 30 years of use.

    But anyway that sort of thing is always expensive. You'd be closer with a normal sized backlit thing, but even then it'd still not be cheap.
  2. I had a Logitech G11. It was great, until I spilled something on it and the backlighting died. The keycaps are almost invisible when not illuminated. Newegg recently had a Saitek illuminated KBD on a shellshocker, and I got it. Very nice so far. As the text says, the backlight is RED, even though the box in the pics (and the real box) both show blue.
  3. Hmm... that's not bad...
    Actually, I'd be fine with a good old mechanical keyboard... either way would work...
    I'm looking at the Razer Lycosa Mirror right now; it looks great but is only about $5 cheaper than that Logitech I was looking at earlier...
  4. I discourage laptop feel keyboards. I've been through a lot of keyboards, but quite frankly nothing beats a mechanical keyboard in terms of feel and typing speed. If your gonna spend $80 might as well go mechanical.

    Check out this guide at overclock.net: http://www.overclock.net/computer-peripherals/491752-mechanical-keyboard-guide.html
  5. Yeah... I guess what I'm looking for is what Razer is calling their 'slim keycap' design. It looks more like a deep laptop key instead of the 1/2-inch thick traditional mechanical keyboard key.

    I'll probably end up going with the Razer Lycosa, just because it appears that $60-100 is the price range for a decent illuminated keyboard these days.
  6. If you need to see the keys then you're doing it wrong. I know I don't type the way they try to teach you to at all but, it's still better/faster.

    Also from his link: http://www.deckkeyboards.com/
    Mechanical keyboard with LED.


    May I ask what type of switches are in the keyboard you use? The one I'm using now is a canon keyboard, and that's literally all I know about it other than it's from 1994. (I actually got it this or late last year) You can find it on youtube, some guy made a video about one he has.

    I bought one of the Dell AT101W black keyboards simply because it was mechanical and would be black to match the rest of my stuff. I don't know what kind of switches it has either, but I didn't like it much and switched back. Edit: it would be more accurate to say I forgot what kind they were, I think it said in the auction.
  7. False_Dmitry_II said:
    If you need to see the keys then you're doing it wrong....

    Or, you are missing a chunk of cerebellum and have one uncoordinated hand that needs to be "checked" sometimes.

    Still, I probably manage 50-60WPM; for a non-secretary, that seems quite reasonable.
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