HDMI Cable not capable of showing 1920x1080 res?


BenQ 24" LCD G2420HD
Max Res: 1920 x 1080

GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4670
Max Res: DVI: 2560 x 1600 / VGA: 2048 x 1536

Somehow Catalyst(and Windows Screen Resolution settings) only allowes me to set my res to 1776x1000 and not 1920x1080, why exactly? :(
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  1. If i set it to 19x10 it will automatically reset back to 1776x1000

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    My VGA cable seems to handle my monitor resolution just fine tho
  2. cool wallpaper

    did you install the drivers for your monitor?
  3. I had a similar problem when using HDMI to connect to my tv. It would show that it was running in 1080p, but then the screen had this odd bar of unused pixels all around it. I tried adjusting the tv to fit the picture to the screen, but then everything came out all pixelated.

    I'll try out my vga cable to the tv when I get home tonight and see if I can get it to fit properly or if I get the same thing you do.
  4. Is there a specific reason why you would be using the HDMI cable instead of a DVI cable?

    I had a similar issue when connecting my PC to TV. I first made sure the res was correct using the DVI cable, then I shut down the PC connected the HDMI form the PC to the TV.

    Dont expect anything different when going from DVI to HDMI, its the exact same signal.
  5. Yes, my drivers are the latest one available ( 10.5 ) and thanks, i like the wallpaper as well ><
  6. No i don't have a good reason to use the HDMI, but it just looks so wasted to buy the cable when you're gonna rarely use it
  7. artilles said:
    No i don't have a good reason to use the HDMI, but it just looks so wasted to buy the cable when you're gonna rarely use it

    Well just so you know, HDMI cables are normally used when you want to connect a TV to the PC or if you want to connect 2 LCD screens to one GPU assuming you only have one DVI and one HDMI cable. Of course you can always use the HDMI only if you want but as far as LCD panels go people normally use the DVI cable that is provided with the panel.
  8. It should work @ 1080P regardless of your connection. I have several setups of dual monitors... One LCD and the second HDTV. All of my links are HDMI.

    Single or multi display HDMI should work on LCD screen or HDTV. Your BenQ model supports HDMI 1.3 and it should work just fine.

    I have several 24 inch LCD display with HDMI port. I use HDMI on all of it and i get video/audio in one cable.

    Do you have HDMI port on your video card or you are using a DVI->HDMI converter?

    If you are using DVI/HDMI converter, are you using the one from ATI?
  9. VGA to HDMI from ATI converter
  10. bump again...
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