64gb ssd+32gb cache for HDD vs 120 gb ssd

I'm in the process of choosing a storage upgrade for my system.
Current system is in my signature.
Usage: Gaming and school work (my games are about 100gb and growing which is why I want to cache them on a separate drive)
I have plenty of sata cables and power connectors.

Option 1:
32GB sandisk readycache for my 500gb 7200rpm hdd and a 64gb boot drive

Option 2:
120gb ssd for a larger boot and apps drive

Which option is the best?
My budget is around $125.
Thanks a lot!!
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    Option two would be the better option as it gives you a 120gb SSD for the OS and a few of your most played games with the rest going on the larger conventional hard drive.
    I kno that you said your budget is around $125 but if there was any way to increase that right now Newegg is having an incredible sale on the Samsung 830 256gb SSD for $160 which is a tremendous sale. But of course that would only be if you were able to come up with an additional $35.
  2. Im just not willing to spend $160 on an ssd...which 120gb ssd would u recommend? I'm thinking the vertex 4 or samsung 830 or crucial m4.
    Anyone else have an opinion??
  3. I just threw that out there on the chance that you might want to do something like that and was not ment that you should go out of your comfort zone and spend money needlessly, it was a great sale and there are some who look for just those opportuniyies.
    I'm still going to stay with the Samsung brand and go with the 128gb model, I have had many different brands and types of SSDs and so far the current Samsung I own is one of the better ones.
    The Crucial M4 when it first came out was great and everybody wanted one and lately they have been having firmware issues and thier speeds are not on par with other SSDs.
    OCZ has been up and down and they have so many different models hat they seem to be trying to saturate the market by sheer volume. I have owned OCZ and am not overly impressed.
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  5. I'm going to but the Vertex 4 which is on sale for $90 today only, thanks for all the help.
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