Core i7 950 die idle temp high?

Hey Everyone,

I've just picked up a Gigabyte EX58A-UD5 board and Core i7 950 CPU (EX58-UD5 and i7 920 in my configuration going to a family member that needs the additional RAM, and I wanted a good excuse to get a board with USB 3.0 and SATA3 built on). I've got a CoolIT Eco on top of the 950 and the individual core temperatures are exactly where I expect them to be (each one is in the 35 - 40C range when idle). My problem though, is when I look at the CPU diode temperature, it measures 58C. I don't understand how this is possible, nor do I know which readings to trust, cores or diode. Has anyone else noticed this with a 950, and/or this motherboard?


Edit: I have reseated the Eco twice already, with the same results.
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  1. Sorry, forgot to mention... I have checked temps via Everest Ultimate (5.5.2100), Real Temp 3.60 and HWMonitor 1.16. All showed the same readings. Load temps are being re-run now.

  2. These are idle temps. The temperature in this room has increased slightly, thus the numbers shown are slightly higher than what I quoted earlier. Load temps were in the 65-70C range on the individual cores. The diode temperature during a brief load period increased only 3C, to 61, and I did notice that the core temps once the load was removed dropped 20C in a matter of seconds. This is looking more and more like either a sensor calibration issue from the BIOS, or (though remote) a possible bad CPU?


    Edit: To rule out the CPU itself, I could swap the i7 920 back in (it's sitting on my desk, right beside me). I have also flashed the BIOS to version FB, the latest available from the Gigabyte website.
  3. Strange... On all previous systems I have had, the core temps have always been higher than the diode temp at both idle and load.

    Edit: I found a spare fan and pointed it at the North Bridge and CPU socket. The diode temp dropped 15C within a few minutes. Thanks for the help though. Needed someone to serve as a sounding board and bounce ideas off of. Much appreciated.
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  5. Well you did point me in the right direction... and given my sig, it would have been slightly hypocritical of me not to reward you for your help.
  6. this is a great thread!
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