Need help choosing SSD

This is my first post here even though I frequent this site... I am hoping the community can help me out on this!

I have:

GA-X58A-UD3R motherboard
i7-920 CPU
HD 5850 graphics card
6GB DDR3 1333 ram

I built this computer myself and I'm not sure what other information is pertinent but I want to get rid of my 500GB HD or use it in tandem with a new SSD but I am not sure what to get. I want to get the best SSD possible given what I have. I only need around 250GB of space. Any help is appreciated!!

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  1. Depending on where you live (usa ?) there is a great sale going on at newegg and you can get a Samsung 830 256gb SSD for $170 and that is a great sale.
  2. ^5 +1 what inzone said.

    If you go through Logic Buy you can get the Samsung 830 over at newegg for $159.99 and free shipping:

    That's the lowest price I've seen for the 830 256 GB ssd.
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