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Ok, so I've never built a pc before but starcraft 2 just came out and my laptop will only play on low settings. I decided to build a pc that will hopefully play sc2 on ultra 1920x1080. Here's what i came up with:


I based my choices on some graphs from the articles on this site, so I'm not really sure whether I'd actually be able to play sc2 on ultra. Also, I was kind of hoping for closer to a $500 system, although I'm not sure this is possible. Could I have suggestions?
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  1. Did some research (googling) on what it takes to run SC2 on Ultra, and according to 7th post here all it takes is a 8800GT. So no need to get a 5830.

    Here's an AMD build that brings the price down a bit:

    CPU+Case = Phenom II X2 555 + NZXT M59

    MOBO+RAM= Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 AM3 + GSkill 4GB DDR3 133

    GPU+PSU= Gigabyte 5770 + OCZ ModXStream 500W

    Harddrive= Spinpoint F3 500gb

    That comes out to ~$490 after rebates. You can cut more out of the budget by getting a smaller harddrive.

    I found this review of comparisons between the i3-540 and Phenom II x2. They're pretty similar in terms of performance (the i3 looks a little better), but considering sc2 doesn't have that high requirements anyway, you save $24 by going with the phenom. Your choice.

    Did you need an OS and/or a monitor too? Wasn't sure since you didn't list those in your build.

    Also in the future, it's helpful to fill out this form:, as it gives people on this forum a better idea of what you want. But whatevers :p
  2. Whoops, didn't see that form; sorry. I already have an OS and a 23" monitor, as well as a mouse and keyboard. Another thing I neglected to mention is that upgradability is important, and I chose the i3 because the LGA 1156 slot is relatively new so I can upgrade the processor in the future.

    So, to clarify: I was hoping for a $500 pc, but I'm willing to pay a little more for a pc that'll be upgradable, if I have to.

    I'm not familiar with AMD's chips; how old is the phenom II x2 555, and will the motherboard support new AMD chips when they come out?

    You should be looking at a GTX460 for $200... it's NIGHT AND DAY better tthan a 5830
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  5. has a good roundup of cpu/gpu recommendations
  6. I recently saw a graph which said that the AMD processors are not too great for Starcraft 2. Now that I look at the post above me I see that he has already mentioned it.
  7. Ok, thanks guys; this helped me a lot.
  8. You are welcomed and happy shopping/building ^^
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