Optical Drive making burning smell while running DVDs

My optical drive seems to be making a burning smell while it is trying to read a dvd that i just wrote. Dvds are also taking a long time to run. From the time i put them in to the time the autorun screen pops up. Though Dvds i burned this morning are working fine and starting up fast. What could have happened in that short time? I just rebooted my computer today, and i haven't done so in about a 4 days. I usually close it when i'm done but this week i was using it a lot. Anyways, could something have changed in that short time with the way the optical drive writes DVDs? I am backing up games from my GOG.com library by the way. Could it be from Securom or something other form of DRM? I heard they sometimes mess with Optical Drives.

Edit: By the way, i've tried these DVDs i burned on a different computer. The ones i burned on my computer this morning work fine on both computers, the ones i burned tonight are not working fine on either. Both take a long time but only mines is making really loud spinning noises and now starting to making a burning smell.
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  1. By the way, optical drive is Asus 24 DRW B1st
  2. Asus 24 DRW B1st < My son has this drive , but i have never smelled it burning.Be careful.I would replace it.
  3. Did you get a new drive?
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