Boot drive disappears when connecting storage drive

Saw the other thread where the guy lost his storage drive. I too did a Win7 reinstall but my BIOS doesn't even see the boot whenever I plug in the storage drive. Both are WD, boot is 40GB and storage is 500GB.
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  1. Make sure u only hook up ur boot drive during Win7 set up. Only after u done OS installation, hook up ur storage drive.
  2. That's exactly what I did. My other drive bit the dirt. I unplugged everything, installed Win7 on my old XP drive and did all the updates & software installs. Then plugging in the storage drive made my boot drive go bye-bye. I just unplugged the power connector from the storage drive and Win booted right up.
  3. After u plugged in ur storage drive, go into the BIOS and check whether u can detect both HDD and if so, check the boot sequence whether it is correct.

    Let's say u have SATA_0 and SATA_1, it is always advisable to connect ur boot drive to SATA_0 and storage to SATA_1. If for some reason that you have to connect the other way around due to certain reason ( like i did in my rig ), make sure your OS HDD is on the list of boot sequence and it is in the correct order.

    If everything else is in order as above, the another possibility is that ur storage drive drive might have died. The only way to find out abt ur storage HDD is through the external casing or sata to usb cable like this one
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