Intel i7 950 Overclocked temperatures

I'm a first time overclocker, after carefully reading several reviews, a few BSOD, and some non-booting start ups, I have a stable Overclock of 4Ghz.

Real Temp / Core Temp read the max temperature readings at 77c using LinX and Prime95, it idles around 35-41c.

1) Is it normal to have one or two cores 5c hotter then the other two?

2) At stock speeds it idles at 34-36c, but the huge difference is the load. 0-4% when I'm in my desktop. 4Ghz Overclocked: it jumps all over the place between 0-27% load, mainly on cores #0 and #1, why is that?
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  1. what about the random loads while overclocked? Nothing is going on in the desktop to make it jump around, any idea why this is happening?
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