Sata hard drive electronics onto an ata hard drive

I got a good western digital hard drive with faulty electronics board. I have a new western digital sata electronics board which i took of a faulty sata hard drive(had like 5000 bad sectors which could not be repaired). All the chips and numbers on the sata board look the same like the ones on the older one. Do u guys think that the hard drive could work like that ?
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  1. What are the 2060- or 2061- numbers on the PCBs?
  2. ata board 2060-701292-000
    sata board 2060-701335-005
  3. I suspect that there would be firmware differences in the System Area on the platters. In any case, even if you were replacing a PATA board with an identical PATA board, you would need to transfer the "U12 ROM", or its contents, from patient to donor. This is because most modern HDDs store unique, drive specific "adaptive" information in a serial EEPROM chip.

    BTW, notice that the first photo shows a very oxidised 20-pin preamp connector at the bottom right corner. These pads can be cleaned up by gently rubbing them with a soft pencil eraser. The fact that this PCB is being offered for sale in that condition makes me want to avoid that supplier. I have also seen other PCB suppliers using photos that show physically damaged components.
  4. Tried to replace it, computer showed it as a sata hard disk in bios but the partitions didnt show up when i got onto windows. The prices for those pcbs are ridiculous, for the 40 bucks that they ask for it i can get a 500gb sata hard disk, new one.
    Thanks for responding mate.
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