Any where to get the Catalyst 10.4 Drivers

I had purchased the 5850 a couple of months ago. When I got it 10.3 was the latest drivers. I came here because I heard new ones have come out (I have obviously missed a couple of releases) and from what I have seen, quite a few people are having trouble with the 10.6 drivers but most seem happy with the 10.4. Is there a place on AMD's web site or anywhere to get the 10.4? When I go to AMD's site all I can find is the 10.6. any help is appreciated, thank you.
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  1. Maybe you should try the 10.6 drivers.
    My friend has dual 5850's in CF and they work fine in 10.6
  2. NVM, the link to Previous drivers was for some reason hidden in Opera. I don't know why. Thank you all anyway. And I may try the 10.6 as well.

    There is a link in the page for "previous drivers". It leads to a list of previous versions all the way back to 8.1.
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