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Hey all, working on my first build (budget gaming rig).
So far I believe everything is compatible (check here just to make sure)

I dont need screen, keyboard, mouse, speakers, os.

Mobo: MSI NF750-G55

CPU: AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE

RAM: OCZ Reaper 4GB DDR3 2000

GPU: Undecided

PSU: Undecided

DVD/HDD: Undecided

So as you can see I do want a DDR3, SLi, AMD rig (Always been a NVidia guy) I may SLi in the future.
Any changes I should make?

Oh and my biggest uses would be (most to least): Gaming, Surfing, Movies
For gaming I want to be able to play up to date games at mid to good res/graphics.
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  1. GTX 460's in SLI might be a nice fit.
  2. Here's a great SLI ready power supply at half off on newegg!

    I'd certainly reccomend a GTX460 GPU - If you plan on just buying one, then go with a 1gb model. If you are going to SLI them, the added memory of the 1gb model becomes a moot point... buy the basic 768mb version. Of course look for superclocked models
  3. Thanks for the quick answers guys, I am thinking about SLi in the future but its a little out of my budget. So which card would give me the best price/performance (for say crysis, avp, bioshock, etc.) Also would my CPU be bottlenecking two 460s in SLi?
  4. I would say ditch all/any thoughts of CF/SLI for budget builds In fact at the rate how fast tech moves make CF/SLI previous gen cards downright inefficient with the games of tomorrow, i would advocate single (beefy) GPU set ups for high end gaming rigs as well @@ State your budget, what u need exactly and resolution games to be played
  5. So should I upgrade the GPU from a 460 to a 480 and ditch SLi for now
    BUDGET: 750-950
    RESOLUTION: 1920 x 1080
  6. Just the one beefy HD 5870 config @ $820AR?
  7. I wanna keep to nvidia in case i do sli in the future. So would I better off with say a 460/480 or a 280?
  8. Aswell, my budget is in the 7-1000 dollar range.
  9. here is an intel build for $915.93 BR and $875.93 AR and it's sli ready





    will post a cheap sli ready amd build tomorrow
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  11. Thanks alot! This is what I was looking for. But one last question, do I gain much benifit by using the 955, or can I just stick with the 720 (this is primarily for gaming eg. Crysis, Farcry 2, MW2, etc.)?
  12. u might gain 1-7 fps but i thought a quadcore would be more future proof
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