Finding an appropriately-sized heatsink for an xps 430 mini-tower

I have an XPS 430 tower. Some sites have been referring them to mini-towers, but I guess that might be another term for medium-sized tower? Anyways, I purchased a HD 5850 1mb ram card for it. When I opened the package, I realized that it was a very long and thick card. However, I had plenty of room to stick this in.

More recently, I realized that the full potential of the card was held back due to my processor. I have this older quadcore 2.5ghz processor, thus the card won't do anything spectacular for me. I get 30-40 fps at best in World of Warcraft which is low even with maxed settings. Anyways, I decided to purchase an I7 950 because it seems to be a great processor for gaming. I'm not sure if the I5 750 performs just as well for gaming, but I decided to go with the other.

For a mini-tower (AKA Medium-sized tower), what size heatsink will it allow? I've noticed that there are i7-supported heatsinks generally 120mm in size, but there is 92mm heatsink from

Note: The DELL XPS series seems to come with a shroud of some sort. I'm not sure if that's true or changes anything, but I'd like to know how that will affect my installing a heatsink as well.
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  1. sorry. yes, i bought the sabertooth motherboard. the newest release.
    Are you sure that I can just use the Dell heatsink? Aren't these much more powerful?
  2. No. It's a new board. I don't think that dell even has a current list. Why? Is this motherboard much longer than a 5850 or something?
  3. 2 threads going

    Your not putting an ATX motherboard into a BTX case without a whole lot of modifications.
  4. Do you have any suggestions then?
  5. soknar said:
    Do you have any suggestions then?

    An Antec 300, and if you haven't already upgraded the psu, a Corsair 550
  6. Is a tower that i purchased from the late 90s going to work with an atx motherboard and stuff like that? It's a very large tower.
  7. Oh. I have a corsair 850w psu. It fit perfectly. is the antec 300 a motherboard?
  8. Okay. I'm just going to get a case then. It seems like I have to.
  9. The cpu comes with a heatsink that's fine if you're not going to be overclocking.
    I always add an intake fan to the case.
  10. Do I need to add an intake fan? And no, I'm definitely never going to mess with overclocking. Is this all that I'll need then? I can just use the fans and whatever from my other case?
  11. Well, I'm deciding to purchase the antec 300 case. I won't be using any dell parts anymore. I have a Corsair 850w psu, HD 5850 1gb, 6gb of ram, and purchasing the i7 950 and asus sabretooth. I'll only be using the fans or whatever else came with it.
  12. It's not even a dell anymore. I pretty much replaced everything and tossed the case out.
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