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How do I clone my hard drive on to my new one Cos I don't have a windows 7 cd help please :pt1cable:
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  1. You can use the disk utilities that came with the new hard drive (Seatools on Seagate drives for example.)

    Another option would be Redo.

    If the new hard drive is larger than the old hard drive, you will need to resize your windows partition to fill the drive. This can be done with Redo, in the launcher menu select gparted.

    Redo can be "burned" to a CD or USB thumbdrive using Linux Live USB Creator
  2. all hard drive maker give you a tool to copy old cd to new drive most of them use acronis true image free on there web site

    Free: sector by sector copies.
  4. You can opt for a Hard Drive Cloner software, it will help you to clone your hard disk data to a new one.
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