Computer won't boot. Fans turn on.

Recently I've built a new computer with an old computer case and it worked perfectly, however, my new case just arrived and after I had transfers the MB, HDDs, ect. I found that although the fans turn on it will not boot.

My specs: 4gb DDR3 RAM, Q9400 CPU, 2TB SATA HDD, MSI 5770 Hawk.

As I said when I turn on the computer the fans, including the CPU and GPUfan work, but at full speed. No POST beeping, Light hum from the HDD.

I've tried, changing the CPU, no boot. I've change the GPU, No boot, When I remove all the RAM no beeps when I try and boot. I'm guessing its perhaps the motherboard, but perhaps I've missed something I wasn't meant to?

Also, thanks to a few dodgey cpu mounts the motherboard isn't sitting properly, if that would change anything, its off the metal case, but it can move if provoked

please help.
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  1. Try booting with one RAM stick
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