How to restore .wmf disk image/copy file?

The thread is my question.
I made a copy or image or backup of a harddrive, and had stored it into another hard drive under the file name "Copy of drive X.wmf" -- trouble is, I have forgotten which software was used to create it, and I had a system breakdown in between, so that I lost all my previous software.
The files in that hard drive had a mixture of all files, llike a system disk. I am now using Win7 and XP.
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  1. wmf is a Windows Matafile. It is an image file: "Proprietary Windows graphic format developed by Microsoft; contains a series of drawing operations, including commands for drawing lines, circles, and rectangles; may also contain bitmap drawing operations; used primarily for vector images, but can also include raster graphics."

    This is a link to programs that will open .WMF files:
    One of the programs on that list is Microsoft Paint.

    If it is a backup file then the file extension is wrong. Just out of curiosity, what is the size of the file?
  2. Dear Kenrivers, Sir,
    The disk file sizes vary between 30GB to 160GB.
    I seemed to have tried Paint on them, but it did not work.
    I think you are right in that the file extension had been given wrongly, by that program which I had no trace of, pity that these programs sometimes you cannot know from the files created.
    Perhaps I do not know how to use Paint.
    The disk files contain data files, as well as photos, videos, sound etc. in many folders.
    Would appreciate further assistance.
    Sincerely, Novice Pablo.
  3. Have you looked to see what extensions the various backup programs use? For example Windows XP used .bkf as the extension for backup files that were created using Windows backup. If you created the backups using Windows XP the following links may help:
  4. Dear Kenrivers, Sir,
    I did not use Windows XP. I will go through those softwares that I have lost during the system crash, and try to find out which one, by searching for such programs again in the internet.
    Meanwhile, I will try your links and have a look.
    Yours sincerely,
    Pablo, youngster.
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