Does this score seem low?

It jerked alot during the test, is this normal?
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  1. How does it game? That is your answer...

    Compare similar systems if you are concerned.

    Low frame rates are normal in the cpu tests.
  2. Agree, don't rely too much on benchmark, do some gaming and see it for yourself how much fps do you get...
  3. Well gamings fine ive never had any slow down, i think Risen is my most hungry game and at max settings 1920x1200 i get above 50 FPS all the time.

    And the card will stay at 50% fan speed so im thinking my card would like to be overclocked since it rarely goes above 50% fan speed only on games with no Vsync.
  4. Well, 50fps all the time is very good.... :)
  5. True but i like my cap at 60 lol, my 9800gx2 couldnt even get 20 fps at max settings so im glad it broke and i got a 285 for free :)
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