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I just wonder, do I gain anything if I buy two SSDs, one for system+programs (128gb should be enough) and second for everydays work (128 or 256gb)? Or is it same if I just have one 256gb SSD with two partitions?

I noticed TH recommends some SSDs for system, other for performance, where is difference?
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  1. The general rule of thumb is buy the largest capacity solid state drive you can afford. Larger capacity ssd's perform just a little bit better than smaller capacity ssd's. That's why companies submit their larger capacity drives for technical reviews.

    Some solid state drives are listed as high performance drives. Some ssd's are listed as mainstream drives which are suitable for ordinary ever day use. Some ssd's are listed as value drives which use less expensive components to help keep prices down.

    I'm not sure if it still applies but system drives used to refer to ssd's with just the operating system installed on it. They were small capacity ssd's. That might have changed.
  2. I have a 256gb as the primary OS drive and have everything loaded on it, games , applications, photos, some music and misc software. I try to keep 100gb free space so I have a second 256 gb SSD that I will be storing more games and oftware on and will pretty much go up to 220 gb. This works for me because I don't generally have a lot on the Pc but some people like to have an entire movie data base so a regular hard drive comes in handy there.
    I would say that you wouldn't need a second partiton because SSDs are generally low capacity and your only going to put a limited amount on it. If you had a 512 gb or 1 Tb SSD then I would say a partition would be good.
  3. So 256gb is the right choice. The reason I'd like to partition it is for organisation. I prefer to keep system files on separate disk letter. Of course, if this won't affect overall performance.
  4. It won't affect performance and if you want to set two partitions then that's your choice to do so.
  5. I don't partition my ssd either. Overall performance has not been affected.
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