Add new SAS drives to a san storage

how can I add new drives to a storage without lose data and change my raid settings
San storage HP P2000 has 10 SASs want to add 2 more
Raid 10
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  1. All depends on your current configuration, and HP software managing the array. You are not providing much information to accompany your question.

    How are the existing drives configured? Raid level?
    What type of server is managing the san?
    What software is used to manage the san?
    What generation is the P2000? G1, G2, G3
  2. Raid 10 (8 of 10 SASs are Raid 10 and 2 of them are spare) spares are be changed to raid 10
    Dell DL380G7
    VMware ESXi 5
  3. Open RAID GUI and look for Expand function - or better yet refer to the manual (PDF) search for the word "expand". It should be under RAID volume

    Follow the instruction on screen.

    BACK UP data before proceed...
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