X-Fi Extremegamer / Headphones not working properly

So... I have the X-Fi Extremegamer installed and with my x-540 speakers the sound is crisp, excellent, impecable.

My problem is when I plug in headphones (Creative Fatal1ty MK II) or my earphones (Shure SE310). Whatever I'm doing (music, gaming or anything with sound) runs good for 30s and then the sound drops to a muffle sound for about 10s whit a lot of interference and disturbance. After those 10s, everything back to normal for another 30s... and instant repeat.

I connected my headsets in all 4 slots in the back (mic, pink, black and green) and nothing apears to solve the problem.

I'm getting extremmely annoyed with this problem. I dropped so much money just to get a little improvement on my audio and I'm not getting it. Any ideas about what to do?

Thank you in advance.
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  1. BTW, I'm using Windows7 64bit, CPU X4 955, GPU HD 5850, MB Asus gfx 890gx
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