WD External Harddisk Detected But Cannot Be Accessed

Hello, not a year ago i have bought a WD Elements 500GB external harddrive. P/N WDBABV5000ABK-00. Suddenly it wasn't working as I have expected to be.

If i plug to my pc, it is read as Data G:
I renamed it to WD Elements as you see in the screenshot i made:


But when i try to open it it says the folder is empty though I am certain i have used at least 1/3 of it.
Here: http://imgur.com/cYRjX

Moreover, when i look at the properties it says the disk has "Both 0 bites used space and free space" : http://imgur.com/nHjSt

When i try to drag a file towards the folder, i get "This is no longer located in computer. Verify the item's location and try again"
: http://imgur.com/7qxDn

and lastly when i try to reformat it i get :"Windows was unable to complete the format".

Would someone be able to tell how can i retrieve my files from it and if that is not possible, can I still reuse the disk?

I am using windows 7.

I will appreciate any help you'd be able to extend.
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  1. first from where u bought the hdd
    second u tried the hdd on another computer
  2. What you can try is go to the start menu and right click on computer and select Manage, then in the next window select Disk Management and when the next screen opens see if your WD drive is listed there and what the state of the drive is. If it says raw partition then it was never partitioned and fromated, it should say healthy active drive.
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