Trying to fix Atikmdag error

Found a post suggesting a regedit as a possible fix by turning off time out detection. Here it is:

UPDATE2: Try turning off the timeout detection:

1. Regedit.
2. Navigate to: HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetControlGraphicsDrivers
3. Add the following DWORD: TdrLevel and set the value to 0.
4. Reboot.

I would like to try it, what exactly is this and has anybody tried it?

Another possible fix I'm highly inclined to try is to simply install the DRIVER only and not CCC. How can I do this? I want driver 10.4 and use Windows 7 64-bit. Here is the link to ATI Driver page for 10.4. Which one is only the driver and not CCC?
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  1. The default value for that key is 2. If you give it a value of 0, then you may create more problems than you solve.

    Atikmdag error comes from the driver. You cannot solve the problem by leaving out the Catalist Control center section out.

    Instead, let the forum members know what hardware you have and some forum members may come out with a better idea.

    I have Radeon HD5770. I had the same problem. I prevented the problem from happening by raising the idle clocks until CCC 10.5. CCC 10.5 eliminated the problem in my W 7 x64 system.

    Hope you find the info useful.
  2. My idle clocks are 400/1200. How high did you raise the clocks? I also have this problem with 10.5 and 10.6.


    My system is a i5 750 2.66 ghz, 4g ram, gigabyte p55m-ud2 mobo.
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