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Well where do i start I want to upgrade my CPU to something newer and faster I currently have a am2+ 940 in a GA-MA790FX-UD5P. It is in my opinion a vary High end am2+ MB i have 2 4890's in crossfire and 8gb of ddr2 1200. But i was looking to upgrade to a Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition my question is is it worth it? is my ram and motherboard a bottle neck? I know the motherboard can take the CPU with a bios update. I'm kind of regretting :pfff: when I upgraded last i should have spent the extra$$ and went with a am3 Bord and ddr3 but ddr2 was so appealing when 8gb of ddr2 1200 was under a 100$ What i mainly do is gaming and video editing photo shop here and there :) any input would be appreciated should i get a new CPU hold off until i can upgrade the hole system?
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  1. It is not worth it for gaming. Gaming performance wise 965BE beats the 1090T BE at std clocks and you should be able to overclock past that.
    An X6 would though work fine in your Motherboard regardless of ram being DDR2.
  2. ^+2. For gaming, there isn't a point with getting a X6. HOWEVER, if you do a lot of vid editing, encoding,etc then that would benefit from the X6.

    If you are just itching for an upgrade, consider an SSD. :P
  3. I am gaming 75% of the time and video editing 25% of the time i am not going to lie a SSD does look nice to run windows on and my games and other programs :) . but another reason i am getting a better CPU is my brother is complaining his games are slow he is still on a old am2 4200x2 so i think a amd 940x4 would be a good upgrade for him :bounce: . also I like to overclock so would the x6 be a better option for games if i OC or should i go for the 965?
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    The 965BE beats it in games and should have the same headroom for overclocking but if you are video editing 25% of the time it would be an argument for a X6 it is not a bad gaming CPU.
  5. thanks for the input im making a trip to micro center for a cpu 6 core cpu :)
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