Installing a OCZ Deneva 2 240 GB sdd (enterprise) on an Asus 08067 pro

Would I be able to install an OCZ Deneva 2 240 GB SSD (enterprise) on my Asus p8p67 pro Motherboard?
I can get the SSD for around $80. Sounds like a great deal to me but I'm concerned with it being compatible.
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  1. My system:

    1st Build: I7 2600, Asus p8p67 Pro, 32 gig (4x8G) Corsair Vengeage ram, Nvidia GeForce 430 1 gb, WD Caviar Green 1TB Sata Drive, LG Blue Ray DVD, CoolerMaster Hf 912 mid tower, 2 factory 120mm fans + a Coolermaster Megaflow 200 fan, Sabrent 64-in-one Multi Flsh Media Card Reader, OCZ Modelstream Pro 500w (upgrading to a OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W), Widows 7 & Windows Office XP.
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    If you don't mind my asking why you want to install an expensive SSD on your desktop when there are a lot of less expensive SSDs available for half the price and the same size.

    Sorry I see that you say you can get it for $80 when in retail stores they are going for over $300, that's quite a deal. They have the same connections as other SSDs so it is compatable with your Pc.
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