No display on monitor.

I have an Asrock k10n78m motherboard with an ati 4650, everything was running fine this morning, but my hard drive decided to take a crap on me apparently. I tried to re-install windows, but the setup was unable to copy a few files, so now I'm left with a blank hard drive, with no drivers on it. Now my monitor doesn't even get a signal from my video card. My hard drive and fans spin up, as well as the video card fan, but I get no display. I have tested this with two monitors, both work on an old computer I am using right now. Any ideas on whats wrong? I'm hoping to get a friends video card tomorrow to test and see if its my card. Any help is appreciated.

Oh, and there are no error beeps coming from my mother board.
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  1. Are you sure it was your hard drive? Sounds like it could have been your mobo if your vid card is affected... Try the card in another pc or just try your friends card.
  2. Really hoping its not my mobo although my onboard doesn't work either, the only other pc I have is the one im on, and it can only have an agp card. I will have to wait till tomorrow to try and get my friends card though, its already late. I thought it was my hard drive, I ran a checkdisk and it said i had one or my unrecoverable errors, then I couldn't log on to windows anymore, everything worked fine till I tried re-installing windows, and I actually did that twice, to see if the first time was just a bad USB slot.
  3. Fixed it, my hardware was fine. My ram apparentlywasn'tseated all the way, just popped that all the way in and it worked just fine.
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