How do I get 2 identical screens working for my 5850?

I want to use my 42' HDTV with the HDMI and my desktop lcd screen using the DVI, what do i do using the ATi driver, catalyst? Its confusing as my little icon now shows a small blue screen with the number 2 on it, but I dont have to identical displays...
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  1. anyone?
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    Hey there,

    What Catalyst version are you using? What windows version are you using?

    I'll assume Cat 10.x and Windows 7.

    Go to CCC>Graphics>Desktop & Displays

    Under "Please select a display", you should see two display icons. 1, your LCD TV and 2, your LCD monitor.

    On your LCD monitor icon, click on the black triangle and select "make preferred".

    Alternatively, right click on your desktop and choose "Screen resolution".

    Under "Display" Select 1|2 Multiple Monitors.

    Under "Multiple Displays" select "Duplicate these Displays".

    Hit "Apply".

    Good Luck.
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