Double Checking Build

How does this build look.. I was trying to keep it under 700. This CP will be used to play a few games (starcraft 2, wow) and surfing..

MOBO, Vid:


Power, Case:




Network adapter:


Im pretty sure itll all go together i just wanted some other opinions... To connect it to a tv do i just need a VGA cable, what do i do for audio?
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    It's not that great. That PSU isn't the best and the GPU is a horrible choice. Here's what I'd look at:

    CPU/Mobo: X3 440 and HD Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4 $185 after rebate
    RAM: GeIL 2x2 GB 1333 mhz CAS Latency 9 $80
    GPU: HD 5770 $135 after rebate
    HDD/PSU: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB and Corsair 650W $135 after rebate
    Case/Optical: Coolermaster 690 and cheap SATA DVD burner $73
    OS: Windows 7 Home 64-bit OEM $100

    Total: $708

    I went over a little bit, but you could throw a second 5770 in the build if you ever decided to play more advanced games. Or if you're absolutely sure you won't ever need/want to, you could switch the following:

    CPU/GPU: X3 440 and HD 5770 $210 after rebate
    Mobo: Gigabyte GA-770TA-UD3 $85 after rebate (currently sold out)
    PSU: Switch to a 450-55W unit from Corsair, Antec, Silverstone, or SeaSonic.

    Total: $683 (with current HDD/PSU combo)
  2. can you play games on ubuntu? i know its free.. i would like to save the $100, and maybe upgrade later

    can you have too much W in a PSU?
  3. srogers6 said:
    can you play games on ubuntu? i know its free.. i would like to save the $100, and maybe upgrade later

    With wine you can run basic 3D games like WOW and some OpenGL games, there should also be a beta version of steam available. But are you sure you don't have an extra/old copy of XP to throw in just for now until you get Win 7?
  4. That corsair is a great PSU, but with a HD5770, this would be enough. Save the money to get Windows.

    Theres no such thing as "too much watts" just getting a 1000W PSU when you only need 200W is a bit redundant.
  5. I'd go with the 450W unit. We're not talking a difference of 200-300W here, it's just 50W. You'd save a few bucks now with the Antec, but you'd lose money over time on efficiency and wouldn't have much room for overclocking or adding parts down the road.

    That ASRock board is a good substitute. I'd still want the Gigabyte if it was available.
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