Building a gaming pc (help)

I am looking to build a gaming desktop. I would't say money isn't an issue, but I don't plan on buying everything at once so it's not too much of a concern. I plan on building in a few months (Nov/Dec). I know hardware always changes, but I'm not looking for a bleeding edge system.

I mostly play World of Warcraft and would like to run newer PC titles. On my current set-up I get about 10 fps while I'm in Dalaran, 25 man raiding is possible, but very laggy, same with pvp.

I'm running Starcraft 2 with the lowest settings and I still lag. I would like to be able to run it on Ultra with no problem.

I would like to stick to AMD products. I don't need huge HD as I have an external. I'd like to run 2 video cards and 4 gigs of ram.

Just left me know if I need to post anymore information. Thx everyone
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  1. budget? Monitor resolution?
  2. Budget is probably going to be between 800-1,000. I don't know much about monitors, something decent so games look good.
  3. He actually meant what is your monitors resolution? or in the event your buying a new monitor as well, aim for a high one,
    First off though,
    Welcome to Toms, read and fill this in,
    give as much detail as you can, and I'm sure well get you sorted man
  4. What are your current specs so we have a basis of improvement?

    If you want to start looking, I suggest looking into quad core processors and at least 750W PSU's to help with the praphics (and allow a future upgrade or two as your games improve).
  5. I'm in class so I'm not sure of what exactly the specs are. First of all my desktop is between 6-8 years old. 2.6 P4 single core, 512 DDR ram, HD is kinda small and the video card isn't that great.

    I'm looking to run the max amount of RAM Windows 7 64-bit can support, a good video card, or 2, and a good quad core Intel or AMD who ever is producing the best processors. I don't need a big HD so 250 gig one is fine, 20-22 inch monitor with HDMI support.
  6. I'm surprised you can run starcraft 2 at all with those settings!

    If you want to get a jump on processor research look into the i7 from Intel. I'm not sure what AMD is offering, but I know they have some relatively cheap 3 core processorson newegg. Other than that toss up a potential build and we'll help!
  7. Sounds to me like the guy needs a monitor, OS and a tower. I'd assume mouse and keyboard are good.

    So I'm going to base this build off the top end of his 1000 budget. Build will be posted in about 30 mins.
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