Hardware issue not allowing windows to boot

Hello, I have recently been having temporary freezing issues with windows Vista about 30 second freeze or lag at random intervals normally about every 30 minutes. I was worried this was a software issue so i did a clean install of windows now it will get past bios but blue screen just as the windows bar comes up. My hard drive boots fine in my GFs computer and her's will not boot in mine. I believe this is a hardware issue and i swapped RAM and vidio cars so I believe it is either the Mobo or CPU. Has anyone encountered this before? I am running a Asus P5N-D with a C2Q 9550 and 4 gigs of ram with a 750w quad core certified power source and plenty of cooling power
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  1. I have gone through and completed all of the steps on the trouble shooting forum that was posted here:

    ttp://www.tomshardware.co.uk/foru [...] o-problems

    However, the problem still persists and i filled out the help request as specified

    Here is a recap:
    Problem: Computer will cycle automatically within 1 second of windows starting (see windows bar and it blue screens)

    History: begain about 2 weeks prior to system crash and progressively got worse. No new hardware or software was installed on my behalf. Standard windows updates is all.

    Full story: This began about 2 weeks ago when the computer would hang up or lag for 15-30 seconds on rather random intervals. I believe this to be a software issue since it started occuring after windows update. Before continuing i backed up all of my information which took about 10 times longer that it should (500mb of music and word docs took 1 hour) I decided to do a fresh install of windows on a recreated partition (start from scratch). When trying to load windows it took an exceptional amount of time a few hours just to load and expand files. After installation was completed I have this issue i have now. Bios posts fine, I have hard drive lights and power light but windows will not start up,

    I have a core 2 quad 9550 cpu
    MB is a Asus P5nD
    RAM is 4mb of generic brand voltage is auto set through BIOS
    CPU cooler is heat sink with fan
    video card is Nvidia 9800gt 1gb ddr3
    power supply is 750watts quad certified, i cant remember the brand
    primary hard drive is a 6 month old seagate 1 tb sata
    secondary is a WD 1TB sata
    operating system is Windows Vista
    case has 1 front fan for HDs one side fan one back fan and one top fan to eliminate any heat issues.
    No other devices except USB mouse and keybord, all LAN and speaker devices are integrated.

    Actions Taken:
    1. install fresh copy of windows (fail, hard)
    2. reinstall fresh copy of windows using same hard drive in a different system (success, over stardard time frame of 20 minutes)
    3. put HD back in troubled system, same issue.
    4. put hard drive back in proven system. boots to windows with no issue
    5. put proven systems hard drive in trouble system, same issue but with error prompt that says hardware is missing
    6. Replaced pre-existing HD (does not appear that HD is the issue)
    7. Replaced video card with spare proven (I keep this one to test if GPU has issues) and issue persists.
    8. remove all ram from troubled system and try to boot, does not post
    9. place proven systems ram in troubled system. system posts with same error as before.
    10. replace pre-exisiting ram (does not appear that ram is the issue)
    11. cleared CMOS
    12. checked voltage on CPU power feed 4 pin both yellow are at 12v+- 10%

    If i have done my trouble shooting correctly it would appear that HD is ok, RAM is ok, GPU is ok, PSU is ok, BIOS is ok, which leaves CPU or MB. Is this a correct assumption?
  2. "750w quad core certified power source" What brand is your PSU?
  3. Disable the auto restart on blue screen (in XP it's in Control Panel/system/advanced - startup and recovery)

    and give us the BSOD code
  4. PSU brand is CoolMax,

    DSOD code is as follows:
    0x0000007B (0X80399BB0, 0XC0000034, 0X0000000, 0X00000000)
  5. That looks like a tough one. So you can't actually install the OS on that PC on any HDD you have and using any of the SATA ports?
  6. It actually appears that i can install the OS but i won't allow it to boot, granted it takes a very long time to load (about 90 minutes for clean copy of vista). If i use the proven system it boots fine, even if i install the OS on my bunked system. Im not sure how the OS boot process works but all HDD are recognized in BIOS. I connected a different HDD with W7 OS and tried to boot but got the same error. I have also tried to connect the HDD to the other SATA ports, all had the same issue. I just don't know if i should invest in a new MB or CPU...or both
  7. Your CPU is fine. Most likely your mobo is fine.

    1. It should be an option in the BIOS to disable the floppy disk support. Disable that. Disable the floppy emulation in BIOS for the USB boot device as well, it should be under "usb mass storage"or something.

    2. Try with the other DVD drive.
  8. 1.) i disabled the floppy drive support and i did not see any option for USB boot device. After setting priority to Disk drive then HDD and disabling ALL other options I was able to reload a clean version of windows on to the main HDD and get it to boot into windows! It appears that did the trick. Of course after i installed some MoBo drivers it crashed again. Now that its the weekend I will start working on it again and repost with any interesting outcomes.

    Thank you Mosox for all of your help and putting up with my computer illiterate background.
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