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ha guys first post here. im buying a evga gtx 480 tomarow (would have been today but i had one last question.

i started looking at ppls reviews and stuff of this card and i noticed games love it or hate it. a lot of the top end games are cool with it but some others are not.

i play all kinds of games anything from runescape to crysis.

my question is, is it the card or the game or the patches on the cards software that are making games love it or hate it or what.

ill be playing on a 1920x1080 lcd 24in (2 screens after x-mas) and was wondering if it will be good on crysis but turn around and suck ass on wow and final fantasy.

iv already herd bad things about it on the ffxiv benchmark "3000" scores and lower with 6gb+ ram and i7 920/930s and when it first came out it was like anti w.o.w

but i play more crysis and dirt 2 than anything but i kinda need both sides of the spectrum. i was looking at the 5870s (but im sort of a geforce fanboy) and noticed that the high end ones are almost the same price as the 480 but there more game friendly whats up.
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  1. you said exactly y im going for a gigabyte superoverclocked 5870 over the 480. no game will deny you top performance with a 5870 but some will give you 3-5 fps with a 480 (so iv read) its a chance im not willing to take.

    now i did make a previous post and the guy said 1920x1080 is enough to make the 480 work right if you can set all the settings to ultra but idk its a big investment to take a risk on for me.

    now maby all this talk about the 480 working bad might be ppl with really small screens with really bad resolution and cheap old 2 core processors with 2 gigs of ram and xp but idk.
  2. welcome to THG.

    It is the drivers from nvidia. Over time, nvidia will release new drivers that should increase the performances and fix horrible issues. ATI's drivers are the same way but I haven't heard of a 5 FPS issue before...

    Rarely there are actual hardware conflicts but it usually comes down to drivers again. I am not sure how it is now but I remember Creative sound cards causing a lot of system strife. It seems like their drivers have caused lots of issues.

    The advantage to the 5870 is that it has been out longer and has more mature drivers available where the 480 still has some room to grow. That is a + for the 480 has room to get better as NV releases more drivers. Tough call my friend.
  3. well most of them weren't reviews per-say but experiences from other gamers.

    i dont know how old all of them where but im guessing it was when the card first came out.
    so your saying they have fixed a lot of there problems? and the card is finally on the rise?

    and how is it performing with the lesser games with these new patches, that was where it was having problems like i said i play high quality and low quality games so i need it to work on both.
  4. I have played alot of older games and no problems here, even Metal Slug X pc version ran great :)

    The GTX 480 is raw power and getting stronger with each driver revision as you can see with the benchmarks above.
  5. Someone probably installed drivers wrong and then complained about performance.
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