I7 920 @ stock clock is usually between 80-100 degrees celcius

i can't quite seem to find a remedy... i know my heatsink is seated properly, i've reseated it many times. the thermal compound is also arctic silver, not the stock compound. it usually peaks when i play wow at 100 (basically at tj max). but say at a time like... now... all i have is firefox open, it's sitting at 80 on all cores (fluctuating between 78-82). it's been like this for a good while now, i haven't had any money until recently to look into new options. my gear specs are as follows

nzxt tempest mid atx case
gigabyte ga-ex58-ud3r
intel core i7 920 cpu
evga gts 250 512mb gpu
6g (3stick) 1600 ocz gold memory
650 watt i7 corsair psu

the heatsink is stock from intel
the case fans on the tempest are stock

i can't quite seem to grasp why the temps seem to idle so high (i use coretemp and realtemp).

i really need help here, any feed back would be much obliged. i look forward to the help.
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  1. nope, no change. and right now i have WoW up. every core is fluctuating between 96-100.
  2. quick note, i lowered the settings on wow and my cpu temps are between 80-90 as opposed to 90-100.
  3. bios was already up to date. i checked the stock temp in bios, it was 74*.
  4. How much artic silver paste did you apply?
  5. minimal amounts, i know you only need a very very small amount.
  6. lower setting on WoW decrease CPU temp by 10 C?

    Did you OC your CPU? By changing Multiplier and FSB and put CPU voltage to auto will increase your CPU temp a lot.

    Let say my Q6600 stock speed at 2.4 Ghz, OC to 3Ghz (333x9). If i put CPU voltage to auto, the temperature will be 60 to 75C full load and 55C idle. If set my cpu voltage properly , my cpu temp would be 33C idle, full load 50C to 55C.Air cooling.

    Your problem might be you OC your cpu with stock heat sink and without set your CPU voltage properly. This is my guest only. If you OC your cpu, maybe reset it to default setting.
  7. no, i didn't oc my cpu.
  8. madaorog said:
    minimal amounts, i know you only need a very very small amount.

    Is your smart fan enabled? If so, turn it off & set it to 100%. Did you remember to clean your CPU & heatsink properly before applying the arctic silver? If not, try to clean them both, reapply some new arctic silver, & see if that helps. What is your ambient temperature? The lower the ambient temperature, the lower the CPU temps will be, as long as the airflow is good, you should be able to improve the ambient temperature by sorting & rearranging your cables. If your GPU makes a lot of heat & doesn't get rid of it very well, this will increase the ambient temperature too, try removing a few extra slots under your GPU to improve heat dissipation. Lastly, try to check if the BIOS automatically regulate the Vcore, if so & you know how to bring this down to a lower level, you can also improve your CPU temperature.
  9. it's disabled, i know disabling keeps it at max speed all the time. also when i clean them to redo the compound i make sure both the contact points and surrounding areas are pristine. i think ambient was mid 40s.
  10. i plan on get a push pull heatsink set up, like a megahalems or something... but even then, my stock temps shouldn't be this high.
  11. so cal, so mid 40s ambient is too high huh?
  12. i'm probably gonna get a true black 120 in push pull, but how do figure it'll fix my problem? i mean i hear people oc'ing to 3.6 and maxing out 30 degrees less than me. what will solve the overall ambient temp problem?
  13. Lowering the ambient temperature somehow should help.
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    My i7 930 at stock was getting 90-95oC with stock cooler and AS5 had to get a corsair H50 cooler and now my temps are 60oC max with overclock @4.0. But the H50 is expensive for the performance, but I do like removing all the hot air from the CPU outside of the case
  15. the price is actually not that bad for the h50, but is it better than a push pull on air? i live in the united states of america in southern california.
  16. Off topic but... mid 40c ambient, your problem should be cooling yourself not the computer.
  17. 40c surrounding area i'd say liquid cooling or phase change woudl be the only options for viable cooling of cpu/gpu... I'm in florida and while we're there to ac indoors 4tw
  18. madaorog said:
    the price is actually not that bad for the h50, but is it better than a push pull on air? i live in the united states of america in southern california.

    I have my H50 with push-pull on the radiator which lowers temps a bit more, but I also have the air intake from inside my PC blowing it outside, when I had it sucking in cold air from the outside and exhausting hot inside the case my case temps were 50oC which was too hot which is what corsair recommend, but I dont.

    From the research I did before buying it, it performed about the same as the higher end HSF's but was more expensive, but a bit quiter.
  19. perhaps i read off the wrong temps, i assumed that current system temperature in bios was the ambient. right now it's @ 41*c. it's been hot around here lately but not that bad, it's just my pc. like right now, it's 63*f around the area.
  20. Real temp and core temp are still reading above 70c though?
  21. yeah, right now is a good time. i left it on all night last night to download some ish (i rarely leave it on all night, always power down). i gamed for a little it peaked at high 90s, right now i'm just watching east bound and down with aim/firefox open and the cores are sitting at 70-72*. i know playing wow really works the processor, but capping at tj max just ain't right on stock clocks.
  22. celsius, that's what core temp reads at the moment (in *C)
  23. (update) it's still cold and rainy outside, the cores are idling between 66-70*C, but when i rev a game up on max settings all cores rocket up to 95-100*C
  24. I know you don't think its your cooler installation but I am almost certain that is your problem. How did you exactly check that you installed it properly?
  25. stability and contact, perhaps the contact surface on the heatsink isn't flat? it's mounted so it doesn't move or wobble, it's attached to the board solid. i took the mobo out and checked, but truth be told it's very very hard to see with the stock i7 heat sink. the heat spreaders make it very hard to get a visual of the contact points. i'd like to believe that maybe the heat sink is just complete dirt and a new one will solve my problem, but i have a hard time believing that the heat sink is not properly installed.
  26. okay so, i should be getting my new cooling within 2 days. i got...
    x5 for my top 2 exhaust, front 2 intakes and the side intake. the light is a perk you could say? but the rpm/cfm @ the decibel level seemed like a good steal. sound isn't an issue.
    x2, because it connects to the back exhaust i didn't need 6 case fans and 2 for the heatsink. i got these because i know scythe are known for quality and longevity. they seemed like good ones to put in push/pull with my heatsink which is...

    all of this is replacing stock fans on the

    and the stock heatsink that came with the i7 920.

    i also bought more AS5. i'm hoping i won't have to post here again in regards to heat issues. i will update once all is said and done.
  27. Replace your CPU cooler with a good one.
  28. i already posted that i bought a corsair hydro h50, just waiting for it to arrive now. i did a check on the fans i bought, and they are pulling like 5 times more air than the stock fans the NZXT tempest came with. things are looking promising.
  29. alright... computer completely redone, added all new fans with my corsair hydro h50 in push pull (with 2 scythes). running wow with everything maxxed out, in windowed mode and it's capping at 60*C. i applied new thermal compound, AS5, to replace the stock compound on the h50. i'd assume temps will get slightly better as the compound cures. also i installed a new EVGA GTX 460 superclocked EE 1g. thus far things seem to be peachy, but they may still be a little high. i suppose time will tell? feedback gogo!
  30. correction, in game it's sitting at about 50*C. i have to greatly thank klsdivan for recommending the h50, it's working miracles here.
  31. idle temps are also, between 35-40*C. In conclusion, if anyone is having i7 920 heat issues, it may be the way you installed it or it may be what you got under the hood. if you need to update your cooling, replacing case fans and heatsink will definitely work miracles. my new recommendation is the corsair hydro h50, it is amazing.
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