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I have a dell dimension 8300 Pentium 4 2.8 ghz with 1 gb of ram. I have a ati radeon 9800 pro graphics card in it. My monitor is a dell ultrasharp 1280x960 resolution. I am in the near future probably at the end of this year build my own computer with the help of this website.

the only game I am playing right now is Star trek online. What is my best option with my current system to be able to play STO at the highest setting? would it be worth it to buy another video card??
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  1. I would say no since it's a AGP card and you won't be able to use it in a new build.
    But if you must there are a few options still out there but they're getting scarce.
    I know my old psu is 300w so that will be a factor too consider.
    You'll be looking for ATI 3650's and Nvidia 6000/7000 series.
    Not too sure about power consumption on the Nvidia's but the ATI should be ok.
    Btw i replaced my Dell Dimension 8250 6 months ago after 8 yrs of trouble free service.
    Still serves as a back-up and web-surfer.
    P4 2.4GHz ,1gb ram ,and ati 9600 pro or 9700 pro i can't remember which.
  2. Save your money, buddy...
    And get a whole new system at the end of this year, like you said before... :)
  3. thanks will do!
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