Need help picking a motherboard. Help!

Hey guys, I've been using a Gigabyte GA-MA 790x UD4P motherboard. It has died recently and I'm needing a replacement. Hopefully something with 3 PCIe slots. Here are the components i want to use it with. I am limited to Socket AM2+ and don't have money to upgrade anything else at the moment.

PhenomIIx4 940
8GB DDR2 1066
Ati 3870x2, Ati 3870, Ati 3870 (yes 3 cards, got them cheap a year or two ago.)
2X WD Caviar Black 640gb

Thanks for any help you can provide, it is much appreciated. I've searched for motherboards on the internet but i haven't had any luck, i mostly use Newegg to find the best motherboards. But it seems that they don't carry very many AM2+ motherboards like before.
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    I'm not seeing any boards on newegg or tiger - your best bet is going to be a 790FX board (if you do intend to run all three of those cards).
  2. Wow thank you so much, i totally forgot about the FX series. I've settled on a ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe. It has 4 PCIe slots and supports all of my old components. AND it's rated 5 stars on newegg!
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