Selling a 2 yr old computer

Hey guys/girls, needing to sell my computer. Don't really have any use for it anymore, thinking about buying a laptop instead.


Case - Cooler Master RC-590 + coolermaster fan
Motherboard - Gigabyte EP45-UD3R: 1 pci 16x slot
Graphics - EVGA GTX 285
PSU - Kingwin 800w Model #: ABT-800mm
CPU - E8500 Dual Core
Memory - OCZ Reaper DDR2 1066 2x2gb 2.0v
CPU Cooler - XIGMATEK S1283 + Xigmatek fan
Hard Drive - Seagate 500gb
CD-Rom - Sony cd/dvd RW
Fans - 3x Scythe DC12V Model #: DFS123812H-3000

I'd advise you to put the computer on a piece of wood instead of on carpet for the psu fan or if you have a good desktop setup just so the airflow is good enough for the psu and not sucking up dust.
In the bottom of the case at the front I have one of the Scythe fans sucking in air,(Warning! will depart skin, these fans arent cheap and obviously don't play around, well they werent cheap when I got them). SO, Will add on a plastic cage to cover from anything or any part of your body hitting the fan. All fans are in position on how they should be. Side fan(Scythe) Sucking air out, Front fan(Scythe) sucking air in, Top fan sucking are in, Back fan sucking are into the cpu cooler and CPU cooler sucking air into the cd-rom/harddrive. Circular rotation :).
Price, I don't know just yet, would like to see some offers first if anyone's looking for a good Gaming computer.

Graphics on the 285's are really good, can play any game at high level's. Shouldn't have to worry about that.

I would give out the Windows 7 pro 64bit with it but, it's not my cd to give out.
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  1. If you are trying to sell your computer on here then this is the wrong section of the forums. It should be in the classifieds section.
  2. you might be able to get roughly $500.00 for it as those are nice parts still but have to figure, people can get better for only a few hundred more... If it were me, i would ask for $475.00.
  3. No the sell isnt going on here, i put the specs up to get prices. I was going to say around $400-$450.
    Even though theres barely any difference than a dual core made today then the E8500, same as the gfx card,

    seeing the same specs or maybe a little better for a couple hundred dollars more wouldn't be worth it unless your a rich bastard and really picky.
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    You can probably get more by selling the individual parts on e-bay.
    To get a good estimate of prices search for each part as a used item. Then go to advanced options and specify completed auctions. You will see completed auction prices in green. That is what the market says your parts are worth.
  5. I agree, selling individually may be a better option, try craigslist if you can or EBAY (though ebays costs are rediculous these days...)
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