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Hi all, i have an old pc gateway gt 5428, i do a little gameing. I already upgraded the memory 2gb, and i use to have an ati radeon 1300 in it great card had for years, but see im an buget gamer and i love this little pc never had a problem from it in anyway so i dont want to retire it yet... the 1300 said it needed a 350w powersupply but im sure you all know this system only has a 300w the card never had a problem, anyways i called talked to experts and they tell me i can't put a 5670 card in this because of the power for my machine is only 300w, so i need to get a bigger power supply... is this true or can i run a 5670? see i want a 5670 now intill i do upgrade then i will buy another down the road cross fire them but intill then i just want something so i can run some of my sorta new rpg and old one's, but if i can't please help me to find were i can buy the right power supply for this machine and cpu upgrade if i need to do this, but my main question is can i run a 5670 sorry it's long just want to get everthing down that i can at once
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    "400 Watt or greater power supply recommended (500 Watt for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode)"
    So you have to upgrade your PSU to a 400W or greater in order to use the 5670.
  2. but i heard the 5670 barley uses any power like 75w or less even under full 3d
  3. That's only for the VGA,not the whole system
  4. Maziar said:
    That's only for the VGA,not the whole system

    so were can i buy a good power supply for my gateway gt5428 that will fit
  5. but other people say it will work but, hey thank you for your comments, i will take all in consideration, anybody else please comment
  6. A 5670 needs about 60 - 65 watts. I think a good 300 watt PSU would run one. I'd be prepared to upgrade the PSU though.
  7. It may work,but i wouldn't go with anything under what AMD recommends.
    Corsair HX450 is a good choice
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