Not sure if RAM is compatible with motherboard even after supported memory chart

Hi there, so I've found the 6GB RAM I want to use as you can see its model number is "F3-12800CL8TU-6GBPI"
and my motherboard supported Memory list has something similar but is F3-"12800CL8T-6GBPI" (the 'u' is missing)now does this mean it isn't compatible? or does it make no difference and is just a random letter.

I've never boughten parts for my own computer (I'd hate to order it with my new build and have something not worked because of a letter) and have very little experience with computers (enough, kind of)like I mentioned in a previous thread asking about 4gb vs 6gb vs 8gb.

Helpful links;

Aforementioned Motherboard:

Link to download RAM/Memory compatibility chart:

Full build:

Thanks again.
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  1. The motherboard memory support list is just the list that the manufacturer has sat down and tested and guarentees will work, 99% of ram that isnt on the list will still work perfectly fine. That gskill kit should work perfectly fine on that motherboard.
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