Upgrade Opteron GPU or finish LGA775 rig?


I finally finished building my Opteron + DFI LP nf4 and it wasn’t what I was hoping (but it looks “nice”).
Use would be for occasional FPS gaming and game testing rig (I'm a mapper) that can play most of the half-way intensive FPS released in 2010.

The question is
Do I get a newer, fastest GPU I can afford for it (Gf GTX 260-280?)
Finish a more mediocre LGA775 build, with something like a Gf 8800 gpu, or even upgrade the GPU from the 7900 in a few months ???

(I need Nvidia for CAD reasons)

DFI LanParty NF4 Sli (new)
Opteron 165 (kinda used?)
Tuniq Tower 120
2gb ddr-400 2-3-2-5 Patriot ram (unused)
GF 7900 GT (a bit too slow @ 1680x1050)
Antec TRUE 550w PSU.

Gigabyte GA-P31-S3G (new)
Scythe Mugen 2 HSF (new)
Generic 550w PSU. (old)

=NO ram, gpu or cpu

Any recommendations for under $200~$25o?
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  1. Ok I dug up some ebay prices, and it looks like a decent E6xxx series and 4gb 800 and an upgraded GF will be the best way to go. Used to be people knew old and new gear like the back of their hands on here... times change! (look at me, older, wiser, lazier, less time for gear)...
  2. You have a massage chair (286DX)? :)
  3. I have a message phone. Whose cat is that?

    -Oh yeah, forget my questions. They are useless. I simply went and sold all of it and just replaced it with something cheap and fast. No puns please. Unless they're good.
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