Is 1905 a good System passmark score?

Hi everyone,

I can't seem to interpret the Passmark scores. The Passmark site gives scores for individial components [or so it seems] and I am trying to figure out if 1905 is a good score for what is called "This Computer [complete result]" = 1904.6 :o

Thanks, Cog

PS Would adding another 4gigs of RAM be of any use? See my system config in More Info
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    i got 1250 and I have no cd so probably lost out on a few points, reckon 1905's a decent enough score hehe
  2. Thanks Moto ... so far yer in the running for "Best Answer" !! I wish I could understand those ratings more; like I said the site just gives numbers for individual components

    NO CD player?? how do you do what you do without a CD player?
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  4. I have a workabout dvd drive in a drawer for installing any bits I need to but it comes straight back out after I've used it :)
    I'd suggest trying your Rig on 3dmark, that gives a more understandable rating imo, if you have win7, use 3dmark vantage, if not, use 3dmark06, google them and D/l them free off net, the site has a lot more info as to what mark 'means' what, at the end of the day though, I go by the 'It works, I'm happy' benchmark hehe, Ty for best answer as well man
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