Realtek hates me, help

[System] Asus motherboard P7H55-M PRO w/ i5 processor
[Audio] Onboard 8 channel High Def Audio Codec

Background is this; I need to record two separate inputs, Line In and the Mic. The Realtek HD Audio Manager allows you 3 choices of:

1) Line in
2) Mic
or 3)Stereo mix (this is both inputs mixed together)

This is a one choice wonder. When I go to the audio programs I use for recording, I only see the "Realtek HD Audio Input" for a choice. I do not get to choose, line in or mic. I need to keep the channels separate.

I have been looking everywhere for the answer and I'm ready to throw a rock at my computer. Is there additional software that I can replace the Realtek stuff with? What’s the Answer?

Thank you.
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  1. What if you go in control panel -> sound and choose as a default recording device the one you want ?? What about the realtek manager ? Does it not give you the same choice ?

    You can also try asio4all . ASIO is usually found in discrete audio cards and is much more used than conventional direct sound drivers when recording stuff and gives better versatility...

    Hope I helped a little.
  2. If I goto the control Panel > Sound it only shows Realtek manager as a choice. Its as if the manager has taken over control of all input and outs.

    EDIT: I tried the Asio4All installed, however I could never get it to work, never showed up in the control panel and was not a choice when using my streaming applications.
  3. Would adding a cheap soundcard resolve your problem?
  4. Afaik, it's supposed to do that. When you plug a new device into a jack, it auto detects and asks you to identify the thing in question. You can specify whether the device should be headphones, speakers and also mic or line in I think (auto-guesses). Sorry if that's inaccurate, it's been a while since I used a mic on my pc (which has the realtek thingy)
  5. Looks like sound card is what I'm going to be adding. I have a PCI and a PCI-E left on my board. I already upload 1 stream, Scanner Feed. I would be looking for a card that has a stereo input so I can add additional feeds. Would any cheap card do the trick? Also if I install the card, would I still use my onboard 7.1 surround sound for gaming?
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