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Which cpu fan to get?

im not sure which cpu fan to get for my q6600. im trying to pick between


i would think the second one is better, since it moves much more air, and its nicer looking. the problem is, my case is really small, and im not sure it will fit. i dont have a ruler handy

the arctic cpu fan is cheap, but the problem is that my cpu is, for some inexplicable reason, right under my power supply, and i dont want hot air to be blowing into it. theres no space in my case to point the fan any other way, i dont think. i think i have maybe 125 * 125 mm free space parallel to the motherboard * 150 mm tall. i have this case:

is there any other somewhat cheap q6600 fan that looks good and blows air like crazy toward the side of the case?
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  2. cool! but anything smaller? im not sure if it will fit. i think it should, but...
  3. cool! thanks! just one thing: do the 4 pin connectors need all 4 pins to be connected? i dont have any 4 pins on my motherboard
  4. you can plug them into a 3 pin but then they run at full speed and that becomes rather loud and annoying

    so i would suggest, for your sanity, a fan controller like the one. it looks like the back of the actual panel has a 3-pin to connect into
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