Good Deal?

I was wondering if this is a good deal.

hey! just saw your ad and i am selling my computer! its like brand new and im sure its what youd need, if youre not willing to pay more than 300$ then im not sure.. its listed at 400$ but id be willing to drop it to $360
heres some details.
- - - -
CPU has 3 GB of Ram and is running windows 7 Ultimate
-One 640GB Hard Drive (UPGRADE)
-ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO (UPGRADE)
-Q6600 at 2.40GHz
-9 USB ports, with SD and XD slots., Firewire,
Dual DVI
one HDMI
-CD/DVD rom
-64 bit operating system
-includes an Acer Keyboard
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  1. If its got a windows 7 ultimate genuine license then I'd say it's OK but better if you could get down to 300$. If not I would not spend more than 200$ for it...
  2. I'd say if you do buy it, see it working at the guys house before you hand any money over, Getting a real sense of caveat emptor here :)
  3. I'd say you can put together a fairly decent system for $400 from new. Have a look at some builds on the System Builder's Marathon on Tom's home page. Obviously when you buy used you have no idea what the previous owner has put their system through. Also, if you're into your gaming then you'll need to buy a better graphics solution than the one currently with that rig.
  4. Apologies for the double post but have a look at this article:,2739.html
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