Optical drive questions ? ;D

How can you tell if an optical drive is compatible with your motherboard, computer case, and etc.
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  1. Erm... compatible?

    If it connects by USB and you have a usb port, it's compatible.

    It it connects by SATA and you have a sata port, it's compatible.

    Here's a hint. Pretty much every motherboard that will still POST will have a SATA port of one form or another.
  2. Thx
    is it the same for hard drives ?
  3. Technology of optical drive as dvd blu ray r pretty old now. Incompatibility arises with new technology. Say a particular feature created by some manufacturer. their feature may not work till u install their updates.

    Like wise is the case of hard disk. Newer and bigger hard-disk may be not detected by ur os/motherboard correctly. There also the manufacturers provide some form of work around or update.
    As regard to computer case, all makers follows a standard size dimension guide-lines. So everything from case, optical drive size etc have standard size. etc etc
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