CPU temp rising over time, even though weather is getting colder?

Being 100% new to aftermarket heatsinks, I bought an Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro. After installing it, my temps had dropped by almost 5c (from 35c idle to 30c idle). It's been about a month now, and the temps have gone from 30c idle to 34-36c idle. I know this is the opposite of what is supposed to happen (temps lower over time) for MX-1 paste, so what the hell is going on? I know there was a proper amount of MX-1 on the heatsink (not too much, not too little), and I cleaned my cpu off, so I'm having trouble finding where the issue lies. My CPU is always 1c higher than my GPU at idle temps. However, now, after a month, it has gone to 3-5c higher than GPU temps.

I can still pass 20 mins of prime95 and intel burn test with the gpu only hitting ~53c, but I'm still really confused.
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  1. Maybe the area around the cpu is dusty or has dust, a few quick spray from an air compressor can does the trick. Fan not on full speed?
  2. there could be dust in the heat-sink, obstructing the airflow, vacuum it and see what happens... (be careful with it, a vacuum cleaner can cause a lot of static electricity so don't touch anything)
  3. Air compressor/Compressed air in a can is recommended to blow any dust from within the case/on the fans.

    Over time you will see a slight increase in temps no matter what, due to age and general wear and tear, ive seen my temps rise about 2oC in just a couple of months and the case is dust free, load temps go no higher, just idle temps.

    As long as idle is between 25-40oC and no higher than 70oC on full load then your perfectly fine.
  4. Well 53 c on prime is excellent-
    try to clear dust as suggested, compressed air- :D
  5. 55Range said:
    Well 53 c on prime is excellent-
    try to clear dust as suggested, compressed air- :D

    Indeed, it is a great temp. I'm just confused as to why it is rising when the temp outdoors gets colder. Suppose I'll buy some AS5 and reapply paste in a couple weeks.
    I did notice, however, that the temps were at their usual this morning. 30c NB, 31-32c CPU, 36c SB. Ran 10 passes of intel burn test on standard stress and it peaked at 52c.
  6. I know it may sound stupid, but when it gets colder outside, the temperatures of the building inside to compansate for this to get it warmer inside.
  7. As others have stated just clean up everything. Do not waste the time or effort removing and adding new paste.

    Clean ALL the fans/vents/air intakes/outakes in the system. Check your cable management as well.
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